2019 Mercedes G-Class Review, The legend is Renewed

Monday, April 29th, 2019 - Mercedes
Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2019 Interior Leather Seating Colors

Almost forty years after its launch, Stuttgart reinterprets its mythical 2019 Mercedes G-Class. Lighter, taller, it remains an outstanding adventurer and retains its crested utility physique.

“All-terrain luxury car, class G has long been considered an icon of design.” We sometimes read amazing things written by the feathers of the manufacturers ‘ marketing and communication services. The 2019 Mercedes G-class, a “design icon”? Even at its launch, in 1979, its lines carved squared and its physics of utilitarian astray détonnaient within the production of the time, especially with regard to its tariff. No, the beauty of class G is rather inland. For almost forty years, his seduction has been exercised more on the merits than on the form. This vehicle is part of the fairly restricted club of franchises that will take you anywhere and under any conditions. It also owes its notoriety to the fact that it became the “Popemobile” from 1980. Painted in a mother-of-pearl color, the 230 G with a special glass body will accompany Pope John Paul II in his numerous travels.

The new version of this legendary adventurer, presented at the Detroit show, is still not cheap. You will have to pay exactly 104 040, €50 to take possession of it. And the addition will be much saltier if you withhold a few options. The aesthetic always remains “rough”. No beautifully carved plates pleasantly designed traffic lights: With its large flat windshield and its equally flat flanks, the lines of the car remain simple, to the point that one wonders sometimes whether a schoolboy with a ruler and a square Could not have done as well. This angular profile is his business card. It simply means that class G is strong.

In accordance with current uses, this imposing vehicle grew and thinned. It is longer than 5.3 centimeters (4, 71 m) and wider than 12, 1 (1, 99 m). With a gain of 15 centimeters, it is the space to the legs at the back that benefits most of this enlargement. On the scale, it loses nearly 170 kilos, which is not anything. This mass gain is explained by the use of a mixture of different steels (hull) and aluminum (wings, bonnet-motor, doors), as well as a better production process in the Austrian factory of Magna Steyr. “As far as the bodywork is concerned, we have focused our efforts on strengthening the rigidity, on the assemblies, and the kinematic chain with the chassis-scale,” says Gunnar Güthenke, the director of the Mercedes all-terrain product. A twin-turbo V8 with 4 liters of displacement takes the position within this new platform. It delivers 422 hp for a torque of 610 Nm available between 2 000 and 4 750 rpm. Its “standardized” consumption is 11, 1 L at 100 km (263 g of CO ² discharged per kilometer). It is coupled to an automatic 9-speed converter box.

2019 Mercedes G-Class Features; New “G Mode”

Let us come now to the first, normally, class G buyers: This is what helps his abilities out of the asphalt. First, the ground clearance is increased by 6 millimeters between the axles (24.1 cm, 27 centimeters at the front deck) and a Ford capacity of 70 centimeters (plus 10 centimeters). For the most demanding, we also note a rolling stability in the 35 ° (7 ° more), overhang angles of 30 ° at the rear and 31 ° at the front (plus 1 °) and a ramp angle of 26 ° (plus 1 °). On the road, a new rigid rear axle, guided by four longitudinal arms on each side and a Panhard bar should make the car more comfortable. A “G mode” is automatically selected as soon as one of the three differential blocks is activated or the short (“low range”) reports are engaged. This all-terrain mode adapts the frame damping adjustment, the steering, and the characteristic curve of the accelerator pedal. It is designed to help the driver, especially on the steep slopes.

2019 Mercedes-benz G Class G500 4x4 Dimensions

2019 Mercedes G-Class Interior

Good surprise inside: The instrumentation can, as an option, take the form of a double-screen (12.3 inches each) protected by a common glazing, as in class E and S. More classic and timeless dashboard enthusiasts will be able to keep the round and analog instruments. The most efficient driving aids and comfort systems are of course available.

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