2020 Mini Cooper SD Review: 170 Horsepower Sport Diesel

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - Mini
2020 Mini Cooped SD Turbo Diesel

Lovers of small sports cars with diesel engines? The 2020 Mini Cooper SD is the answer. It is not cheap, indeed; but it is the only compact high-performance diesel-powered segment B. Translated: goes like a train, and consumes less than a small entry-level petrol car. It is also unexpectedly suitable for long motorway journeys, provided you are satisfied with the available space.

2020 Mini Cooper SD Design

The MINI is always the MINI. Unique, stylish as a few, finished to the level of a premium in the upper segment. The transition from the second to the third generation was decisive in terms of perceived quality, and if you do not save with the available options, the luxury effect is guaranteed. Not only are the materials excellent, but the multimedia system also has excellent graphics and the style of the interior is original and studied in detail like that of the bodywork: here on the MINI nothing is left to chance, and the list of options is so rich to put in embarrassment even the most demanding.

Details always make the difference. Like the LED rear lights with the image of the Union Jack flag, the MINI Logo Projection that projects the logo to the ground every time the door is opened or closed, the ambient lighting with customizable colors, the Harman Kardon audio system, the seats in soft leather. All included in the price? Almost nothing, actually. But buying a MINI is like going to a jewelry store: you can have the maximum, especially if you don’t set budget limits.

The most powerful of the MINI range is the Cooper S, the 192 hp turbo petrol version. The 2020 Mini Cooper SD has 170, but wins on the front of the maximum torque, with 360 Nm against 300. Ok, numbers in hand, the green-powered MINI has the best: 235 km / h top speed vs 225 and 6.8 seconds for the 0-100 vs 7.2. The difference, however, is paid in terms of consumption, with the diesel given by the House for 23.8 km / l in the combined homologation cycle, compared to 15.6 of the petrol one.

Specs & Performance

The first generation of MINI born in 2001 was so rigid and focused on driving as to be as much fun as uncomfortable. With the second generation things have improved, but not too much. With the arrival of the third, on the other hand, a good balance was found between comfort and driving pleasure: the MINI has become a nice sitting area, and the suspension calibration does not make one regret the purchase even when surrounded by the pavé.

2020 Mini Cooped SD Release Date & Price

With a length of 3.85 meters a boot of just 211 liters, the 2020 Mini Cooper SD does not give much space, but if you move in two there is very little to complain about. On the narrow, curvy roads it is a blast, and on the highway allows long journeys with a good level of comfort. At 130 km / h, so to speak, the engine works at less than 2,000 rpm.

2020 Mini Cooper SD Price

The MINI Cooper SD is listed at 30,200 euros (34,150 for the Hype). If you want to customize it, and it’s hard to resist, the price goes up, and not a little. To make it tasty (leather interiors, large wheels, infotainment, LED lights, Harman Kardon sound system, sports steering wheel, automatic sports gearbox, MINI Driving Mode and much more) you end up spending a few thousand euros. How many depends on the number of options selected, but exceeding 10,000 is child’s play.

Those who look at MINI know what they want, and just like those who buy Apple, for example, they are willing to pay a higher price than the market. Anyone who looks after style, performance, running costs, and space will find the perfect solution in the MINI Cooper SD. A real mechanical jewel (BMW two-liter engine), design and customization. At the wheel he has fun, he asks for little from the gas station.

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