2020 Honda Jazz Redesign: Release in 2020 With Electric

Monday, April 1st, 2019 - Honda
2020 Honda Jazz Release Date

The 2020 Honda Jazz Redesign and with a more attractive look it will try to win the hearts of Europeans too. Coming in 2020.

n Europe the current third generation of the Honda Jazz arrived in 2015, but in Japan, it has been on sale since 2013, so this year it completes the canonical six years, which are the average life cycle of a car of the Rising Sun. Logical therefore that Honda is developing the 2020 Honda Jazz, which should debut this year and arrive in Italy presumably in 2020. The specimen photographed from the Autoblog.com website it has an adhesive film to camouflage the bodywork, but even so we notice that the Jazz does not change its basic physiognomy, which is that of a small minivan. An understandable choice on the part of Honda as the Jazz (which is called Fit elsewhere) is a successful model, having found, overall, just under 300,000 customers in 2018. The problem is if ever the European market, very demanding and with more refined tastes, where the Honda Jazz has never broken through in terms of sales. Which the house will try to reverse with this fourth generation, which should have a line that is a bit more streamlined and sporty than the “softer” generation of today.

Also Hybrid?

The whole should remain rather spacious in relation to the external dimensions, so much so that today the Honda Jazz is among the most spacious cars in the category of “four meters”. It remains to be seen whether the new model will keep the intelligent solutions to modulate the space on board, such as the seat of the lifting sofa, which allows you to load long and narrow objects. The center console will be “dominated” by a large touch screen in tablet style, so easy to reach without distractions. Among the engines of the new Honda Jazz there should be the 1.0 3-cylinder petrol already seen on the Civic, where it delivers 129 hp, but according to advances it could also be an electric- only version, which will have much in common with the subcompact e-Prototype.

Finally, after a few years (but it took so long to understand?) In Honda they realized the reason for the complete fiasco in Europe. I would add that even the current aspirated engines have completed the technical suicide and the Japanese self-sinking work. A B-segment with a 1,500 petrol (read in Italy rc cars) and with ridiculously low torque compared to the modern 900/1000 cc turbo (to have a minimum of brio you have to drive CONSTANTLY over 4,000 rpm). Even the beautiful Mazda 3 is affected by sales due to the 1,500 cc, let alone this Honda which stylistically presents nothing really attractive. Good for them that they figured out where they had gone wrong. In fact, regardless of the liking of each of us for certain brands, of our fixations, of our way of evaluating a car, the the only real judge to evaluate a car, impartial, relentless, ruthless and cruel, remains the market. All the rest, including the interventions in the various forums of enthusiasts, are only dialectical discourses more or less valid but that leave the time they find.

2020 Honda Jazz Electric

2020 Honda Jazz Redesign: Release in 2020 With Electric Pictures

2020 Honda Jazz Redesign and Changes2020 Honda Jazz Facelift Exterior2020 Honda Jazz Electric2020 Honda Jazz Release Date
2020 Honda Jazz Redesign: Release in 2020 With Electric | cashpro | 4.5

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