2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 Release Date, Price & Redesign

Monday, September 24th, 2018 - Volkswagen
2020 VW Golf 8 1.8 Tsi Engine

In the dealerships in September 2019, the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf aka 2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 will be more technological and will have hybrid engines. The eighth generation of Golf is approaching: the debut should take place in mid-2019, the commercialization in September.

2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 New Features

The new generation of Volkswagen Golf, the compact five-door sedan for years the best-selling car in Europe and one of the best-selling cars in the world, will be on sale in September 2019. The German company will not overturn the new model, which will be a profound evolution of the one on the market today (it is on sale since 2012) as the platform will be the same MQB used on the Golf 7. It can be seen from our graphic reconstruction ( above), which we made inspired by the test samples photographed on the road, from which emerges that the Volkswagen Golf 8 will have thin headlights integrated with the mask, a band with a sober look and generally very clean lines, as tradition for the German compact . The length should remain in the order of 430 cm, in line with rival Peugeot 308 and Renault Megane.


The interior of the Volkswagen Golf 8 will have few frills and should give an impression of strength, among the characteristics preferred by those who buy a Golf, but it will not lack technology and solutions in step with the times: in addition to screen of the multimedia system there could be an evolution of the digital dashboard, which second should also have a 3D version, with two superimposed screens to create a depth effect.

2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 Engine Specs & Hybrid

The evolutionary design is also justified by a technical point of view, given that the Volkswagen Golf 8 will continue to be based on the MQB platform, on which a careful lightening work has been carried out, for which it should guarantee a weight saving 50 kg compared to the current Golf. According to rumors, the technical innovations will also affect the engines with the general introduction of the micro hybrid system. This should be of two types: on the less powerful engines, the 3 cylinders 1.0 and 4 cylinders 1.5 TSI and 1.5 TDI (the latter new), there should be a 12 V mild hybrid system with an electric motor instead of the alternator to help the start and stop functions. The flagship versions, such as the GTI and the R, should use a 48 V micro hybrid system with an extra battery and a more powerful generator engine that can also give a “help” to the petrol engine in some driving situation. In the engine range should not miss a new version of the 2.0 TDI called EA288 Evo code.

Another juncture in which the 2020 Volkswagen Golf mk8 will take a big step forward is that oonboardrd technology . As the new Touareg will always be connected to the internet and therefore can take advantage of various online services, such as traffic information or 3D satellite maps. Big news also on the front of driving assistance: the Golf 8 will lead to a higher level of evolution the current Traffic Jam Assist giving the newcomer a degree of autonomy in driving currently unknown.

2020 VW Golf MK8 Interior


2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 Release Date, Price & Redesign Pictures

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