2020 VW Passat USA – Specs, Price, Interior, Features & More

Friday, February 15th, 2019 - Volkswagen

2020 VW Passat Redesign

2020 VW Passat USA |  in the US, business without the Passat would be unimaginable for VW. That’s why the sedan is now entering the next generation.

The American VW boss Scott Keogh has good laugh. Because despite the aftermath of the diesel scandal, it is for the Lower Saxony in the US again uphill significantly. And there are many indications that Keogh will not have to bury his forehead in 2019 either. Not for nothing does he start the year in Detroit with an important premiere and launch a 2020 VW Passat.

The sedan is particularly important for VW in America. First, because she was the first car from the new plant in Chattanooga. And second, because the Passat was developed for the first time consistently for American needs. So he was perhaps not as fancy as the Europe versions, not so distinguished and not so ambitious, but he offered significantly more car for significantly less money.

The Lower Saxony is consistently continuing along this path in the second generation of the US model. Although each sheet metal part is new, they do not switch to the Modular Transverse Box, but stay with the old and therefore cheaper platform. And they refrain from expensive as well as playful extras like the digital instruments. Instead, in addition to a fresh style with a little more finesse, there is a new, larger touchscreen behind glass and on the outside a design that bears witness to a new self-confidence with the huge radiator grille of the Atlas.

In addition, VW has revamped the equipment and retrofitted a number of assistance systems: LED headlamps, emergency brake assist, and blind spot control are now standard and an automatic distance control or active tracking at least available at extra cost. Just like the heated rear seats or the intelligent headlights.

2020 VW Passat Release Date & Price

2020 VW Passat Price

Although a price for the new US model VW has not yet called. But no matter how much the Lower Saxony open, the Europeans will come to tears. Because where the Passat starts with us with around 32 000 euros, it will start the US at little more than $25,000.

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