2121 Porsche Taycan Station Wagon: 0 Emissions Sport Tourism

Monday, November 12th, 2018 - Porsche

Here is The New Update of 2121 Porsche Taycan Station Wagon. Yes, Porsche has confirmed the station wagon version of the Taycan electric. It should be ready by 2021.

Porsche is ready to open the era of electric with the model Porsche Taycan, starting production in 2019 and expected sales in 2020. It’s a start, yet Porsche is already well underway for what it will be the second step of its “zero emissions” business: the Taycan with a modified body according to the criteria of the Shooting Brake, close relatives of the wagons. This is not surprising, because at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018 Porsche had unveiled the Mission E Cross Tourism concept car ( below ), which anticipated the new model of which Carscoops spy photos now arrive.

2121 Porsche Taycan Station Wagon Specifications & Performance

From a mechanical standpoint, the Porsche Taycan E-Sport Turismo (or what it will be called at the time of launch) should have the setting of the 4-door Taycan sedan, or slightly different, probably only adapted to the specific needs of the cars rated more to practicality than to performance.

On the other hand, the margins for adaptation are all there: the Porsche Taycansedan (but coupé profile) has two electric motors that together provide a power of 600 hp. As an authentic sport, as befits a Porsche, are the performance: acceleration from 0-100 km / h in less than 3.5 seconds.

Regarding the autonomy, we are talking about a distance of about 500 km without needing to recharge the 800 Volt batteries. That said, the rumors (or the assumptions of the well-informed) make you imagine that there will be more versions of power as if to want to meet different types of customers. The one that should be standard is instead the four-wheel drive.

2121 Porsche Taycan Station Wagon Exterior Design - Images

Images: Carscoops

2121 Porsche Taycan Station Wagon: 0 Emissions Sport Tourism Pictures

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